I have been given the information regarding a site called ppcappraisal.com.  In essence it appears to be another autosurf program.  I am trialling the site below to see if itís a complete load of nonsense, worth a try if it pays off and youíve not really lost anything if it doesnít.  The instructions below come courtesy of http://www.makefreemoney.myfreeforum.org/ they appear quite complicated but if you read through carefully they are pretty straightforward.  If you would like to read a copy of them they can be found here

After following the instructions and setting up the software it became quite apparent that something wasnít quite right.  Every now and again a new email message would appear and my firewall warned of an application hijack originating from test33.exe.  This caused obvious alarm as it appeared that the software was trying to communicate with an email address back at base, spyware anyone?

After looking at the mathematics it also became quite apparent that it would take an age to actually reach a payout limit on any of the search engines, the system stops working after reaching a thousand hits meaning that people with a dynamic ip address need to reboot their connection.  People with a static ip are stuck for at least 24 hours as the system wonít accept any more traffic from your address.

After doing a little research on google things became even more interesting after stumbling across this post on a forum http://talkgold.com/forum/r36037-.html if the link is not working in summary a guy reckons the site is being run by a criminal gang in order to generate fake surf engine traffic to try and topple some of the big search engines.  How true this is is debateable, but I can guarantee you will never see a penny in payment.  The contact email address on the site didnít respond to any of the emails that I sent.  The domain name is registered to a company in Texas at an address which does check out.