Studiotraffic is another autosurf program which works on the principle that the more you pay in the more money you get out.  When you launch the autosurf browser it loads various web pages for which you receive a credit on each page displayed, the amount of credit you earn depends on the amount of money you’ve invested in the system.  While this sounds well and good there is something which doesn’t quite stack up about the site, the reasons are as follows:-

The business model looks too much like a Ponzi scheme and to prove this if you read the forums on the site, nearly everyone who is getting paid has got either a relative or friend to sign up in order to keep the flow of money coming into the system.  As the wikipedia article states above once the flow of new investment ceases then the system will collapse.  This could be the reason why the forum is over administrated, if anyone posts something slightly out of turn it is deleted immediately.  You’ll also notice that the thread which nearly always appears at the top of the forum is the “I’ve been paid” thread, this is done to keep potential investors interested and keep the system going. 

In theory if enough new people are introuduced then the system is capable of sustaining itself for quite a while, however you’ll also notice that there is no real way of withdrawing money with a free account (one where you’ve not invested any money) this is what proves that the money isn’t coming from viewing the advertised sites.

There are plenty of people who are defending the site 100% and to be fair can you blame them?  They’ve probably realised they’ve kissed goodbye to whatever money they invested unless they rope new victims in to keep things going.  A nice idea which has more holes in it than a string vest, if I were you I’d keep your money well away from this site and probably put it somewhere like www.ingdirect.co.uk