The opening paragraph of this site states
“Sign up today and start  getting paid to surf using our Surf Junky browser. You can get  up to $.75 per hour with regular activity and you will earn  for 3 levels of referrals! Your statistics are updated in real  time and you get paid every month!”

So to recap they pay you $0.75 per hour to have Internet Explorer running autosurfing pages?  Sounds too good to be true I hear you say?  If you left your PC running 24 hours a day this would earn you £558 on a 31 day month.  Enough to pay for a decent car loan, mortgage or designer clothes shopping spree.  This is where the problem starts, it’s all about what if.

What if they actually paid you the money, simple answer is they don’t.
Below are my surfing statistics from joining the site:-

Activity Points: 94
Payment rate: $0.45 per hour
Hours spent surfing: 157.51

Your earnings: $70.91

Great reading, but there is nothing to back it up, you enter your paypal address in order to “receive” payment but nothing ever turns up.  The whole site is basically a scam.   One great quote from the site which made me chuckle was this:-  “Get your payments  on or before the 15th of every month for the  previous months earnings. We haven't been late  with a single account yet! Payments are sent by  PayPal, StormPay, e-Gold, and by regular mail!”

This is of course a big lie, there is no money to make payments, although the site has been running quite a while and there are a number of people who I know personally who have had the same outcome from the site, zilch!