Ever got home from the office and needed to access your desktop pc for something urgent?  Itís something I found a need to do well over a year ago, and at the time I was only aware of Symantec PC Anywhere which seemed quite expensive.  However I thought this was probably the norm with all remote access products, this was until I stumbled upon logmein.  The concept itself is very clever, you setup an account online and then download a small program to the machine you wish to access.  Once installed you can literally log in to the site and enter your credentials and remotely control your said machine.

The software on the remote pc works by sending information back to the logmein servers to let them know itís still online.  The downsides to this are that you need to leave the machine you wish to control running, and it also needs to be connected to the internet, preferably via a broadband connection or better.  However, I have been told it will quite happily work over slower connections albeit somewhat slower.  The software is great and allows you to use your remote pc as though you were sat in front of it, whatís more itís free for the logmeinfree account, some features are disabled but the features that remain are excellent and should serve most users without too much trouble.  The free version won the PC magazine, and PC Plus editorís choice awards in 2005.