Grass Roots Group offer mystery shopping assignments for a wide variety of clients much in the same way as Gapbuster do.  You can become a member for free by signing up online at www.grgresearch.com  You will receive regular offers for assignments in your area either by e-mail or telephone.  My experience of the assignments offered hasnít been great, they mostly seem to be at banks or building societies and very often they arenít that local to where you live.  This sometimes means quite a trek if you accept the assignment which to be honest isnít worth the re-imbursement offered.  A typical example is to have to enquire about mortgages which would probably involve a meeting of half an hour or more, add this to the fact youíve had to travel to somewhere you wouldnít go normally and the amount offered seems pretty pointless.

According to their website youíll be doing the following:-

The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to assess the standards of service provided  to customers. As a Mystery Shopper we would ask you to undertake 'assignments'  which would typically involve visiting a specific location to make an enquiry  regarding the products or services on offer and/or make a purchase. We also conduct Mystery Telephone Calls and assess Web sites.

They can be contacted via the following address:-

Research Operations
The Grass Roots Group UK Limited
Bellis House
Icknield Way
HP23 4RN