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If you join the site above you wonít be getting paid thousands of pounds to go shopping, you will however be reasonably rewarded for a small amount of work.  The main way in which you do this is by becoming a mystery shopper.  For those who arenít aware of what a mystery shopper is, I will try and explain.  You are given missions for various clients and itís your job to go into say a store or restaurant and grade it on various aspects such as:- Friendliness of staff, appearance of staff, cleanliness of store/restaurant/toilets, how you were greeted, presentation of goods/food, time taken to be served etc.

Upon accepting missions you are given a brief which outlines what you need to do, how much youíll be paid etc.  The amount of missions you receive really depends on the area you live in, obviously the bigger the town or city the more shops and so on.  But this doesnít mean smaller areas arenít included.

Gapbuster has quite a few big companies which it does work for, McDonalds, PC World, Staples, The Link, Budgens, Royal Mail, BP, TK Maxx, Dixons, Jessops and Goldsmiths to name a few.  The main aim for these companies is to find out how well their individual stores perform day in day out, rather than when say a pre-warned visit from an area manager takes place, this is where the mystery shopper comes in.

When visiting a store it is imperative that mystery shoppers donít give the game away, so normal behaviour is a must, attention to detail is also very important as mystery shoppers are required to remember the name and description of the member of staff who served them as well as any internal problems or untidiness in the store.

Payments range from £5 up to over £30 for some premium assignments, a typical example would be for McDonalds where you get paid £3.20 for your meal and a fee off £4.00 making your McDonalds visit worth a total of £7.20.  So in a nutshell you get paid to eat McDonalds food, which is great if your a fast food fan.


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