If you’ve ever needed a sim card for a mobile phone, you’ll probably know how expensive they can be.  They range from £5 up to £15 depending on which network you choose.  The above site is great, you simply register and the site emails you the latest free sim card offers from the various networks.  Great if you need a sim card, but also useful for keeping as a spare or giving to family and friends.  Some people have also taken to selling them on ebay, but the market appears to be saturated at the minute but a good idea all the same.

All networks now seem to be offering free sims, T-Mobile, Virgin, O2, Orange and Vodafone.  The simalert site gives you details of all the free sims available and lets you subscribe to a mailing list which e-mails you when free sims are available.

The latest site I have found which offers free sim cards at any time is the good thing about the site is that you can sign up anytime for a free sim card on any network even when there are no current offers available from the networks themselves.  Once you have signed up the site says you should receive your sim card within seven days.