In light of whatís been happening recently with UK petrol prices this site is a welcome addition to the Internet.  It takes over where www.aapetrolbusters.com left off by offering a way of keeping track of the cheapest petrol in your area.  Since the AA closed the Petrolbusters site there appeared to be a need for such a site with fuel reaching a staggering £1+ a litre in some areas.  The site does require you to register but itís worth it if your keen on saving money.  Overall the site is pretty easy to use and shows maps of your surrounding area with nice little logos of the petrol companies in question.  You can fine tune the search from a 2 mile radius up to 20 miles, you can also alter the type of fuel you require to search for.  All in all a great site which serves itís purpose extremely well.  10 out of 10, Blue Peter badge on itís way!!