This site is a great idea, set up by fuel price protestor Ben Scammell.  Benís aim is to get enough people registered to use the site which will in turn enable a yet un-named fuel supplier to give discounts of up to 10p per litre.  If Ben manages to achieve this he should be knighted!  Fuel prices in this country are ridiculous and Iím 100% behind anyone who finds a way to reduce them.  Way to go Ben!

Please register your interest to help with the cause www.pipelinecard.org



30th January 2006 -  www.pipelinecard.org signed up itís 100,000th member.  Ben is now confident that cards could be sent out around April 2006.  Great news!!

17th February 2006 - www.pipelinecard.org signed up itís 180,000th member and has also been featured on ITN news.  Letís hope itís not long now before the system can start saving everyone money.