I was told about this site from a friend of mine.  At first I was a little sceptical as one of the offers involved a bingo site.  Now not being a regular bingo attendee I was a little unsure how this was going to benefit me.  The idea is you visit www.yoursecretcode.co.uk register for your secret code and then sign up for the 123bingo offer.  Once registered you have to deposit £10.00 using either a debit or credit card, you can then use this to play one of the many games on the site.  But now for the clever part!  www.yoursecretcode.co.uk will send you a cheque to the address you used when registering for £15.00.  So in theory you could win £100 with your original £10 or you could lose your original £10 completely, but you’d still be £5 in profit due to the £15 cheque on it’s way to you. 

Now if your like me you’ll be thinking this sounds like a scam and you’ll never get paid, now this is where this site bucks the trend of the Internet.  I have tried most of the missions on the site and I can confirm every single of them have been fulfilled by the site operators.  So if your smart and want a little free money you can give it a try.