BT Voyager 10V Telephone Adapter

This page is for anyone who has had the same experience as I have with a BT Voyager 10V Telephone Adapter.  I was recently asked to set up broadband for a relative who had previously only had a dialup connection.  Upon arriving at the house I was greeted with a box which BT had sent out which was labelled BT Voyager 10V Telephone Adapter.  I proceeded to connect everything as detailed in the instructions and was confused when I read that you needed another ethernet cable to connect to your router/modem.  I called the technical support desk and questioned the purpose of the 10V and was told by the helpful woman “You only need the 10V to connect to the internet, it’s a modem as well!”  After finding no way to configure the 10V for a broadband connection I decided to go home and research the problem.  After spending the best part of an hour looking at various websites I finally discovered that the 10V is simply a VOIP adapter and nothing more, not a modem nor a router.  I repeat the 10V is not a modem!

Basically one of the sales monkeys at BT had supplied a new customer who had no broadband connection with just a VOIP adapter, apart from being useless without an existing modem I’d have thought BT would have had the presence of mind to ask the customer “seeing as your line has never had broadband running on it, would you like a modem so you can actually get on the internet?”  To make matters worse when speaking to the tech support I was told the box I was looking at was a modem, which was completely untrue.

So if you’ve had the same problem you need to contact BT and kindly ask them to supply you with a Voyager 220V modem to connect to you 10V Telephone Adapter!