Callsave or Phonesave - The company with two names

If youíve received an automated call from a company called Callsave asking you if youíd like free calls as long as you have a BT line.  This is however where things get interesting, if you respond to the message indicating that your interested in free calls you will then be greeted by a message saying thankyou for your interest in Phonesave? (confusing isnít it?)  This is probably why they are one of the most complained about companies according to details held by the information commissioner.  The thing that this company canít understand is if you tell them to stop calling, they will carry on even though they are breaking the law.

By law if you request the advertiser to stop calling you they have to respect the request.  If you would like to complain contact the information commissioner at they have an online complaint form which you can download and complete and email back to them.

Callsave are actually being quite naughty for two reasons :-
a) calling from a witheld number
b)Using automated dialling equipment to call people who havenít given consent
They donít actually want people to know who they really are, that is however unless you wish to sign up for their phone service.  I can tell you that they are based at the address below

The Salesroom (UK) Ltd Trading as Phonesave/Callsave
Unit 7 Gemini Centre
136/140 Old Shoreham Road
East Sussex
BN3 7BD 01273 828810.

Callsave (or Phonesave) are actually piggybacking the name of an Argos Telecom phone package and causing a number of complaints to be made against Argos Telecom. I would like to point out that Argos Telecom do not employ automated sales calls.