Fake Clothing Charity Scams

If you receive any cards through your letter box regarding companies collecting clothes from un-recognised names/charities beware.  There are quite a few companies setting up who push cards through doors asking you for un-wanted items.  If you read the small print a number of them say “This is not a Charity Company” right at the bottom of the card.  They purport to be sending clothing to third world countries but the truth of the matter is they are actually selling the items to poor people for a profit.  Trading Standards are aware of these people and have mentioned the following names:-

Ambertop Ltd - Company No. 05333502 - Dissolved 11/04/2006
Arkbell Ltd - Company No 05303325 - Proposal to strike off
Europe Suppliers Ltd - Company No. 05401427 - Proposal to strike off
Europe Supplies Ltd
Kraslava Services Seven Ltd - Company No. 04899445 - Dissolved 13/09/2005
Lunetex Ltd - Company No. 04788413
Olonex Ltd - Company No. 04497391 - Dissolved 04/04/2004
Orellana Ltd - Company No. 05496347 - Proposal to strike off
Pajurys Ltd - Company No. 5482825 - Active
PSS Ltd - Company No. 04058333 - Dissolved 09/08/2005
Realmday Ltd - Company No. 05187127 - Dissolved 04/10/2005
Silverwall Ltd - Company No. 05433460 - Proposal to strike off
Textal Limited - Company No. 05400819

If you receive a card from any of the above scams please do not give them anything.  Take the clothing to your local Charity Shop instead.

If you are suspicious about any organisation then telephone the Charity Commission Fundraising helpline on 0207 674 2502.