Setup a Humax Foxsat HD PVR to work in another room via coax and RF

If you’ve thought of ditching your Sky subscription in favour of freesat but currently use the RF output on your Sky box to view things in another room you may be wondering how to achieve this as the foxsat doesn’t have an RF out like a sky box does.  You may think this means you will need another box to work in your other room.  Fear not, there is a way to achieve this with just one box and a couple of gadgets for minimal outlay when comparing to the cost of another PVR or receiver.

To do this you will need, 1 x Humax Foxsat HD PVR  1 x RF Modulator 1 x tvLINKplus

Simply connect the scart cable supplied with the Humax Foxsat HD PVR to the PVR scart out and in turn to the RF modulator, then connect the RF modulator to your tvLINKplus and in turn to your co-ax cable which runs to your other room.  Connect the magic eye supplied with the tvLINKplus to the co-ax which connects to your TV in your second location.  Use the remote blasters with the tvLINKplus to point at the remote sensor of your Humax Foxsat HD PVR and then tune your second TV to the correct RF channel specified by the RF modulator.

If done correctly this will now allow you to view and control you Foxsat HD PVR from your second location all for under £50.