Ingrown and Ingrowing Toenails (onychocryptosis) Pictures, Photos, Treatments

Ingrown/Ingrowing toenails occur when the nail bed cuts into the fleshy side of the toe.  The condition can be very painful and in very bad cases the toe can become infected which causes the toe to swell weep pus and smell very bad.  Patients can range from athletes who run or play football to normal people who have cut their own toenails too short/badly causing the nail to grow back into the flesh.

In badly infected cases the toe can resemble a hammer in shape due to both sides swelling to such an extent.

When tonails are ingrown this badly very often the only option is to have surgery to remove the complete nail, this is known as ablation or if both feet require surgery bi-lateral ablation.  For pictures of toenail ablation surgery click here WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURES DO NOT CLICK IF SQUEAMISH