Parceline Depots

If youíve been left a small yellow card with ďSorry We Missed You!Ē emblazoned across it then chances are youíve been in the same situation as I was.  Parceline tried to deliver a parcel whilst I was at work.  The supplier in question had decided that deliveries to a bonafide work address were not acceptable due to fraud!  So the driver tried to deliver at 4:10PM, not a great idea as I work until 5:30PM each weekday.

So Iím then left with three options, wait for them to try and redeliver Monday to Friday, collect the item from the depot or pay a premium delivery charge of between £5 and £10 to have a Saturday Morning Delivery.  So seeing as a weekday redelivery is out of the question, and I donít fancy paying £10 to have something delivered thats already been paid for, it would appear that collection is my only choice.  Simple enough?  No!  The stupid yellow card has no depot address listed, or even the town itís located in!  Go to the parceline website for the address?  Well no because itís not on there either. 

I finally discovered that if you visit the page and enter the rather long reference number and your details that you do finally get given the address for collection.  Please Parceline, try and make the yellow cards more user friendly or at least state on the redelivery page that the address of the depot will be given once you have entered your details!  Itís not too much to ask, is it?