Microsoft Access - Search Key Was Not Found In Any Record Error

If you use Microsoft Access 2000 or above in a multi-user (front and back end splt) environment and have ever seen the error message above chances are youíve found your database begins to enter bizzare characters in certain fields due to corruption and that your database is unusable until your repaired and compacted the database.  The problem with this is that you also lose the said record as part of the repair process, sound familiar?  I found our main database would occaisionally report a write conflict, even though there were no other users editing the same record, clicking on save record would see fields sequentially replaced with garbled/corrupted text, editing the fields by hand back to their correct values would result in the record not being saved.  You may also have seen the could not update, currently locked message.  This then meant the database needed to be closed and repaired and compacted in order to continue using the database.

After nearly a year of searching and finding no exact solution from Microsoft or elsewhere I started to contemplate an alternative system to Access because the problem became so annoying.  However after much trial and error I found the only way to prevent the problem was to do the following:-  When the write conflict box appears and asks to either save record, copy to clipboard, or drop changes whatever you do do not click on save record this will almost certainly result in the record becoming corrupted.  The only way forward to prevent data loss and corruption is to click on copy to clipboard this will then save the record and prevent any corruption.

After telling all users to take the action above we have not experienced any corruption problems since, Iím glad Iíve found a workaround as it would have been a shame to change from Access as it does everything we need it to do.