Car Tyre Puncture Repair

One of the most annoying motoring problems is getting a puncture and having to change a wheel.  The jacks that most modern cars are equipped with are pretty useless, Id even go as far as saying dangerous in certain cases.  When it comes to removing the tyre to fit the spare its advisable to loosen the wheel nuts before jacking the wheel so that the weight of the car keeps the wheel still whilst you use the wheel brace.  If you find the tyre has been punctured in the sidewall then unfortuneately it cannot be repaired see the diagram below for a better idea of when repairs can be made.  Tyre repairs are covered under british standard BS AU 159f (BSAU159f) and must be done by a trained repairer.

Repairing a punctured tyre is far more cost effective than replacing the tyre, a repair normally costs in the region of 15 which is worthwile considering some tyres can cost upwwards of 150.


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Diagram showing areas of tyre that are repairable