Philips Streamium WACS700/05 - WAC700/05

With the recent success of Apple’s Ipod it appears that Philips have hit upon an excellent idea.  Build an Ipod style hard disk into a stereo system and add wireless capability to access music anywhere in your home.  And they’ve done a great job because the system has won the European Audio Compact system of the year 2005-2006.

It enables you to listen to five different tracks simultaneously (assuming you have five remote stations) from a central store of music.  You feed the base station with cd’s and it stores and catalgoues them as you go.  The remote also displays your library and current playing track.


  • Stream music to up to 5 music stations in your home
  • Listen to different music in every room where you have a music station
  • 40 GB hard disk to store and playback up to 750 CDs
  • 2-way Remote Control for user friendly navigation
  • Let your music follow you anywhere in the home with 'Music Follows Me' functionality
  • Music Broadcast allows for simultaneous playback to all stations - great for parties!
  • Direct Content Access to artist, album or playlists
  • Universal Plug & Play interconnectivity
  • Super Sound Panel with deep bass and clarity
  • Class 'D' Digital Amplifier for quality sound performance

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