The site offers various types of rewards for filling in the surveys provided.  They are mainly various types of vouchers such as Tesco, Boots, HMV, WHSmith and Odeon.  They are also looking at an option to donate money to charity in the near future instead of paying the survey taker.

When requesting payment in amazon vouchers this is processed quickly and a voucher code is given via the account management screen which you can log into to see your history of surveys taken and the amounts earned.

  I have personally found the surveys interesting and not too long winded considering the level of reimbursement is on average £1.50 for a five to ten minute survey.  They also seem to offer surveys quite often which is encouraging.  Valued Opinions is one of the top survey sites out there, so if your looking for a survey site to join then itís well worthwhile.

The survey subjects vary vastly and you could be asked to comment on anything from beverages to the automotive industry. 

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