Review Sites

Review sites are very simple but useful things when it comes to Internet Shopping or come to mention it any type of shopping.  They consist of reviews of a wide range of products which have been done by real people, not a journalist who has been paid to write it.

Where they come in handy is when your considering purchasing something which you donít have any experience of.  In this situation you simply visit a review site and search for the item in question.  If your lucky youíll be presented with a number of reviews by members of the site which you can read at your leisure to find out whether the new Ipod you were thinking of buying is really worth the best part of £220.

The other great thing about the majority of review sites is that you get rewarded for your opinions of the products and services that youíve purchased.  The rewards vary from site to site, some sites will pay you in cash others in points which you can redeem for vouchers for places like

I have included links to the sites which I feel deserve a mention, I have however included them in order of preference, think of it as a chart for review sites.  Please remember however that this is based purely on my opinion.


The best review site on the Internet, you get paid for reviews and you can also sign up for surveys which can generate you a reasonable amount of money for your time.  There is also no processing fee involved when you withdraw money unlike which charges £5.00.


While works on a similar basis to there are a couple of things which let it down.  As mentioned above there is a processing fee charged on all cash withdrawals so if you earn £55 in dooyoo miles they will only pay £50 to your account.  There is also no facility to earn money from surveys on dooyoo which limits your chances of earning somewhat when compared to