Vista Print ClubPrem VPrewards Scam

If youíve ever ordered anything from Vista Print then chances are you are reading this page for the same reason I am writing about.  Vista Print have recently started to offer customers a survey to complete after they have placed an order.  What isnít made clear is that upon completing this survey they will automatically subscribe you to a monthly membership scheme called ClubPrem or VPrewards which costs £9.95 per month for seemingly nothing.  The first you will know about this is when the charge appears on your bank statement listed as either or (or more recently due to a payment processing error PTI Europe).

It appears that the underhand way in which they are signing people up has disgruntled a fair few people out there see the links below:-

As you can see from the sites above, this problem has affected a large number of un-suspecting people, if you wish to contact the company directly for a refund by telephone we have been provided with the following freephone number 0800 0288251.